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Over the years, we have been recruiting passionate coaches and improving our teaching methods. We give our utmost support for our coaches, and we make sure that they enjoy teaching in our classes. Our lessons are regulated by guider who are validated by National Registry of Coaches (NROC), Austswim, and Singapore Swimming Teachers Association (SSTA)

Today, we have more a team of 4 committed coaches teaching in our Flagship Classes. All of them are full-time coaches who are trained to bring the best experience to you and your kids.

Coach Joe

Joe's a passionate swimmer and has been in love with swimming since his youth. With over two decades of coaching experience, he has taught the sport to over a thousand students.

Coach Victor

Victor believes that swimming is a sport that everyone should pick up, no matter their age, as it's an excellent way to stay healthy while being able to cool down in the Singapore heat.

Coach John

John is known for his bubbly personality and fun lessons by his students. He has had great success in teaching, even with phobic individuals over his 20+ years of coaching.

Coach Heng

Heng is the most experienced individual in our team, and is known for his precision and ability to teach students effectively while keeping his lessons simple and engaging.