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1) Will there be swimming lessons during bad weather?
During bad weather parents are advice to call up the pool at sengkang or hougang at 6315 3574 or 63865010. Coaches maynot be able to answer the call as they were be coaching or doing land drills unless the pool is closed the whole session.

2) What kind of land drill will my kids learn during bad weather?
Our coaches strictly follow swim safer program hence during bad weather, our coaches will be teaching wearing lifevest , rescue using ropes and kickboard as well as going thru water safety theory.

3) In the event when mid of the lessons pool closed due to lightning how?
In the mid of lessons when lessons was disturbed our coaches will be going thru the test items which will be tested in swim safer syllabus.

General question

1) How many years old can my child start swimming class?
Our minimum age to start is 4 years old. We will do an assessment on the kids to see their water confidence level and will let parents know if they are ready to learn.

2) Do you provide a trial lesson for total beginners and how much is the cost ?
We will give a FREE 10 to 15mins assessment on total new beginners who are very panicky.

3) My girl are wearing glasses quite high degree on both eyes and my boy have sign of autism, advisible for them to learn?
Children with short sightedness are adviced to get a pair of degree goggles and they are ready to take up swimming just like other kids. For mild autism kids, who can follow instruction its not an issue at all. For some kids who are out of control we would advice private coaching for few classes before joining back the group classes.

4) Any deposit or registration fees for enrolment ? what if my kids join mid of the month?
Our swim school DO NOT collect deposit and registration fees. But we collect bi monthly fees. For new intakes, any day of the month when the kids join us the swim fees will be pro rated to the nearest 2 months. This will be in line with other of our students.

5) Will there be any swimming lesson on Public Holiday any make up classes?
There will no swimming classes during calendar public holiday, There will be no chargers and swim fees will be prorated hence no make up required.

Swim safer Test/ Distance award/ LIfesaving

1) I have 2 kids 5 and 7 years old. How long will they be ready for their 1st swim safer test stage 1?
Evey kids are unique in their own way, every lesson is a progress, average learners in their primary level will take 6 months to achieve their stage 1. For younger kids it may take longer due to the muscular development and time for stamina to build up. Our team of coaches teaching beginners will guide them to in a fun and enjoyable way so not to tense them as much. Students who are more relax will progress faster.

2) How much is our swimsafer test?
Our swimsafer test fees are sgd 40 per test. This will include assessor fees, booking fees, certificates with lamination,badge,and photo taking to mark their milestone achevievement for every stage taken.

3) My kids have completed swimsafer stage 6, whats next?
Most of our students 12years and below who have completed their swim safer stage 6 will be taking distance swimming 1000m 1500m 2000m 3000m. in this distance participant need to be back within a certain time to be awarded a certificates and a badge. For students who are 12years and above we do encourage them to take lifesaving couse while training their distance awards.

4) How do I know if my kids are ready for their upcoming test?
Towards the last week for april and October, parents will need to ask the child to ask the coach if they are ready for test. The head coach will sent the test detail via whats app broadcast.

5) When will I received the certificates and photograph taken during the test?
It takes 6 to 8 weeks from the last test taken.

Registration / Swimming equipments

1) I am interested to enroll my kids how do I register?
Parents need to save the headcoach number sent the kids name to us via whats app to confirm, we will reply on the meet up place the coaching teaching your child.

2) Is the free goggles and swim caps still available?
Yes we provide free goggles and swim caps upon registration. Parents just need to get the kids swimming costume. All swimming equipments will be provided.